o US Export Compliance

 o Pre-shipment registration
 o Production site inspections and certification

o Chinese Import Compliance

 o Sanitary and Phyto-Sanitary compliance & testing 
 o Product labeling and packaging
 o Licenses and operating permits
 o Emergency customs clearance services

 What can SafeSource do for you?

SafeSource Trading offers comprehensive services that enable our clients to safely and successfully tap the immense potential of the Chinese marketplace.

A range of regulatory, financial, and legal obstacles often overwhelm companies who are new to selling in China – and sometimes even flummox the veterans! 

SafeSource can help you navigate through this complex world and directly connect with Chinese buyers and investors. 

SafeSource provides much more than basic consulting or advisory services; we take a hands-on approach that mixes a variety of disciplines to help you achieve your business goals.


o Project Finance & Equity Structuring

o Transnational Payment Remittance

 o Navigate currency controls 
 o Bills of payment and export credits

o Tax Code Compliance


Investment Facilitation

In many cases exports to China are linked with inbound investment, as Chinese seek to guarantee supply. SafeSource helps our clients facilitate investment from China through sourcing appropriate funders and ensuring that the proper governmental support is secured. 

Legal Representation and Protection

China’s legal code is opaque and the laws can be arbitrarily applied. Foreign firms often struggle to navigate the intricacies of this system and are forced to spend significant amounts of time and money doing so.

​SafeSource provides comprehensive support before, during, and after contracts are signed. Our in-country team understands this unique business environment and can help negotiate favorable contract terms, ensure that all provisions of the contract comply with Chinese law and do not create legal loopholes or vulnerabilities, and provide direct oversight for the duration of the contract to ensure it is executed according to the intent of the original agreement.

Financial Advisory Support

Effectively managing the financial terms of the relationship with international business partners is a challenging but necessary component of selling abroad. 

Ensuring that you are paid promptly and completely is essential for managing your company’s cash flows, yet navigating bills of payment, export credits, currency convertibility and transfer controls is no easy task.

​SafeSource can facilitate every financial aspect of your company’s operations in China, thereby giving our clients peace of mind that they will be paid in full for their products. By reducing these financial headaches, SafeSource makes selling in China even more enticing. 

Customs & Regulatory Support

One of the biggest challenges foreign food producers face when selling in China is navigating the complex and ever-changing regulations of the Chinese customs bureau.

Failure to comply with any of the numerous technical and procedural regulations can lead to costly delays and even a complete rejection of the shipment. In an industry where products have finite shelf lives, these delays can be devastating to a business’ bottom line. 

SafeSource’s team has broad experience navigating the Chinese regulatory system. We will help your products obtain the proper pre-shipment import licensing and certification, complete the required sanitary testing, and are packaged and labeled according to Chinese law.

​Most importantly, our team has the personal connections and expertise to liaise with high-ranking customs officials to ensure the quickest possible clearance of your goods.


o Contract Negotiation, Execution, & Oversight

o Brand and Intellectual Property Protection    

o Ownership & Equity Structuring

o Dispute Settlement Representation & Arbitration

Market Entry and Expansion

o Business Strategy Consulting

o Export Brokering Services      

o E-Commerce Solutions: B2B & B2C

o Marketing
o Trade Shows & Promotional Events

o Distribution and Logistics
o Point to point cold chain logistics

o Partner Search
o Establishment of Joint Ventures

o Government Relations and Outreach