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Exporting food products to China helps create jobs in the American agriculture sector. While the US currently enjoys a trade surplus with China in food and ag products, there is immense room for additional growth given China's insatiable demand for safe, high quality, food products.

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With widespread food safety and security challenges, increasingly affluent Chinese consumers place a premium on food products they deem safe and healthy.  We sell meat, fish and seafood, dairy, fruit and vegetables, wine, beer, and spirits. 

No matter the size of your operation, SafeSource can help boost your bottom line with exports to China.

From our offices in Washington D.C. and Beijing, SafeSource trading acts as your sales and logistics 'boots on the ground' to assist with every stage of the export process.

Whether you’re currently exporting to China, or have never exported before, we can help you successfully enter this vast and growing market.

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We're dedicated to helping you export your food products into China. We find buyers, secure orders, and oversee documentation, cold chain logistics, customs clearance, delivery, and payment.